Week 3+4

Loving Grønland so much! Probably the cheapest area in Oslo, I bought a pair of jhumka earrings for 50 krones (about 50p) I wanted to cry from the shock. The lovely ladies and I talked about Pakistan and India. I miss you Rema and Kiwi.

MØRKETIDAroob Sajjad
A weekend off

The symmetrical city

Alongside work, there was plenty of play too. Here is the result of me exploring the wonderfully symmetrical city of Oslo!

MØRKETIDAroob Sajjad
Week 1&2
MØRKETID: The First Night

Introducing the wonderful Actor Shammi Aulakh, playing my father in MØRKETID.

We received a very warm welcome from Director Toni Usman and Producer Torstein Seim. This is from the first night when they took us out for a welcome to Oslo meal.

MØRKETIDAroob Sajjad