On reflection: Developing the ting



What is this communal space I'm so excited for, that it has been emphasised with the use of italics AND bold?! 

In Rawalpindi, our house was a huge warehouse-type building. Where do you think the hipsters got it from? Steel panels covered the roof, flooding in an abundance of light when needed. This is what makes suburbia different. Doors are always locked here, living rooms much smaller in size, and designed only for your immediate family to feel comfortable in.  In Rawalpindi, we ate on the floor. Carpeted floor, with a blanket layer on top. Bolster and square cushions set on the side. For me, this is the thing that allowed neighbours to stay for hours at ours. Well that, and the promise of the latest gossip. 

I noticed, when I would visit our wealthier cousin's house in Rawalpindi, the same lack of community. Never did a neighbour come around just to say salam, and drink a cup of green tea. In my many visits of their gated house, not once did a kid from the neighbourhood pop in for some jubilee chocolate. 

And what was the difference? THE COMMUNAL LIVING SPACE. The inviting living room that lacks a pretentious nature. The common ground. Oh my god did she just...reference the name of the exhibition so casually?! Yes, yes I did.

Late April 2018: I actually have an idea! 

In some ways, the hard part is kind of over. Now that I know my aim, and the way I want to go about it,  everything else is directing all my energy to accomplish it. LET'S GO!

[the energy for the rest of the month is scattered]

[usually one day out of the week is filled with inspiration and love and all the good things that keep me going]

[many are filled with moments of self doubt imposter syndrome and anxiety]

Time is ticking. Mum offers to lend a hand. 

Mum: Why don't you text your Khala (Aunty) she said she'd be happy to give you fabric.

I go to my Khala's, where I pick up her old shalwar kameez's and extra stuff for decorating. What would I do without family?! 


I'm going to make a seating area. 

With cushions all sewed by hand. Now would be a good time to mention I have never used a sewing machine in my life. 

Bolster cushions, square cushions. 

And a family album, cos I love an injection of some good ol' nostalgia. 

And a tea ceremony, cos why not!