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Hi. It's aroob

Thank you for visiting. I don't know how you're here, but I'm glad that something has brought you to these words. 

I've always hated ABOUT pages. Condensing all you do into small paragraphs is...daunting.

I'm, like, a human y'know? How can you label me?! 

I’m only half joking. I strongly believe we should be exploring all of our lives, doing and experimenting without fear. This is why you will find me hopping - performing one month, then creating installations and writing plays the next.



Where were you born?

Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Then I moved to a suburb in London when I was 8 ish


I know you did that whole spiel, but you must love one medium over another? 

Nice try, me. I really do love them all equally. What I focus my time on differs year from year, as opportunities differ. 


sooo what do you say when people ask you what you do? 

I'm a storyteller. A storyteller can have many mediums as I do. Whatever suits the story best, I gravitate towards.


What DID you get up to last year?

I displayed my installation 'RAWALPINDI NIGHTS' at the Barbican, a lotta fun was had. A lotta things were learned.

I also had my first photography exhibition, as part of a collective, this summer. 

I performed in Mørketid, a play directed by Toni Usman, about a father and daughter; refugees navigating the consequences of their traumatic journey. I lived in Oslo for a month and a half, and performed in a real life bunker. Truly life changing, I will never forget it.


What's the future saying?

I wrote my first ever short-play ROOTS which is having a rehearsed reading at Pleasance Theatre, as part of KALI’S DISCOVERY SHOWCASE. I’m excited to be involved in the process of lifting words off paper, from the writers’ perspective.

Apart from that I don’t know. I have plans, ambitions and dreams. They will all materialise because I won't rest until they do, but the path isn't paved. And I'm starting to be ok with that. That's the thing that allows me to get up in the morning; the excitement in the mystery.


Who/what inspires you?

Artists, carefree artists that sow the seeds of Revolution. Audre, Frida, Baldwin, Holiday, Twain, Prince.

Ones who force themselves to create even when every bone in their body is telling them otherwise. An example of the strength and growth that occurs in harsh conditions; My Mum and Dad.

Humans who describe a single moment with so much detail, that for a moment I forget about the earth spinning into oblivion. Instead enjoying the most important time; now. (I luv u MURAKAMI) 

Animals that teach me so much of the earth's core. 

And Love, the only thing that is responsible for our survival.